For Foreign Residents

生活情報 Living Information

Mutilingual Living Information App
一般財団法人 自治体国際化協会(CLAIR/クレア)が、外国人住民が日本で生活するための情報を14言語で掲載したiOS/Androidアプリ「多言語生活情報JAPAN LIFE GUIDE」を無料で提供していますので、ご紹介します。
The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) has released a free iOS/Android App "Japan Life Guide" which provides information in 14 languages about daily life for foreign residents living in Japan.
  You can use this app. as an everyday guide as well as when a disaster occurs.
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Ministry of Health, Lobour and Welfare

Please visit the following URL for the Covid-19’s information.


Multilingual Guide for the Garbage Separation and Disposal in Kamagaya City

ゴミの分け方・出し方 多言語版(英語、中国語、ハングル・ベトナム語版)

Please visit the following URL for check the separation rules.

防災 Emergenchies/Disasters


Check the key evacuation information and evacuate during a typhoon and or heavy rain.

To know Five-stage warning system based on information and necessary actions by residents. Click the images below.


For Preventing COVID-19 out breaks

多文化共生センターひょうご多言語版 救急時情報収集シート
 (Multilingual Format on Emergency)

鎌ケ谷市洪水ハザード  マップ
Kamagaya City Flood Hazard Map

Disaster emergency card


Helpline for Foreigners [よりそいホットライン]


縲€Useful for conveying how you feel in your own language in case of sickness

 Legal Consultation

(Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents)

Free legal consultation by Chiba international center once a month.
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その他 Others

New residency management system has come in force.
 1.The re-entry permit system and residency management system have
   been changed.
 2.The alien registration system has been abolished
東京外国語大学 多言語・多文化教育研究センター